Hi my name is Amanda van Mourik and I'd like to introduce myself:

I'm a mother of two children and I live in the South West of the Netherlands. I was born in Australia, and I have lived in the Netherlands for quite some time now.

I am fluent in English and Dutch. 

I have been a certified Doula since 2009, I'm a Yoga teacher, prenatal Yoga is my specialty, and a Ayurvedic masseuse(for females only) and an Astrologer.

A Doula is an experienced mother who gives emotional and physical support throughout labour.

"A Doula touches, holds, and supports a woman during labour, physically as well as mentally. Studies have shown that with this care, the need for pain relief is significantly reduced. 

The mothers see the experience of labour in a more positive light. Recently several studies have been published showing that the presence of a Doula has long term effects. Six weeks after birth, the mothers who had support from a Doula have a better relationship with their infants, and also with their partners, than mothers who do not have this support . There are also fewer incidences of depression among these mothers."

A Doula never leaves the side of the mother to be during labour.

A Doula also gives support to the couple together. The couple that made this life and together they can help, rythymically, for the birth of this new life. 

During pregnancy the Doula and pregnant woman meet each other and discuss the pregant woman's wishes and write a birth plan.

I offer extra information about breastfeeding and teach prenatal yoga classes, I give massages before and during labour. I have experience with induced labours and VBAC's and femaes with Tokophobia: extreme fear of pregnancy and Birth.

I have followed extensive workshops with the following leading names in midwifery and Doula's:  Ina May Gaskin, Naoli Vinaver, Debra Pascali and many more at the international conference for Midwives and Doula's in oct 2010 and other dates. 


1250€ for at least 2 meetings before birth, and 3 afterwards. 

Emotional and physical support throughout labour and birth. Photo's and birth story are also included.

Prenatal yoga: 12,50€ per lesson

Prenatal Massage: 35€ 

Babies Birth Horoscope: 35€

For more information, please don't hesitate to give me a call: 06-27375002

Email: Dharmamanda@hotmail.com